[Icecast] Icecast Fedora9 migration problems

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Fri Jul 4 12:51:22 UTC 2008

Seann Clark wrote:
> Ok, sorry about the top post. 
> Compiled and installed 3.2.3, found a few stilled borked configs with my
> MPD, and fixed that, and both Icecast (after playing with ownerships that
> were deleted when I de-yum'ed the icecast RPM from the Fedora repo's) and
> icecast is working. I will clean up the config to remove some of the things
> that were mentioned though.
> Looking at the interface for the new one, I do like it a bit more but I am
> still looking it over it. 

np, don't forget get the xsl files can be customized.

> I have a question with icecast, though I think it is more something with MPD
> that I have been wondering. Is it just mpd plugged into it that prevents mp3
> streaming or would anyone here know?

although we don't actually support mp3 (non-free codec), streams of that 
codec work because it passes through without issue. In one sense you 
can't actually disabled it.

> I use MPD a lot and have had no problems with it at all, I am just looking
> at getting WMP working with my icecast. It doesn't really like the OGG that
> is streamed, but once again that may be my own fault.

WMP is reported to work if you have the filters installed although MS 
don't provide the filters themselves. mp3 streams do work but my last 
information on this was that variable bitrate MP3 via a stream didn't 
work in WMP.

> Thanks for the help so far, and I will get this 'complaint' out to the
> Fedora community to get that package fixed and updated.

The mechanism for the actual listening bind was changed so that both 
ipv6 and ipv4 is listened on so it may been indirectly fixed. All I can 
say is that it wasn't reported and I do have access to x86_64.  The only 
problem case I'm aware of wrt listening sockets is on some BSD setups.


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