[Icecast] Icecast Fedora9 migration problems

Seann Clark nombrandue at tsukinokage.net
Fri Jul 4 02:05:50 UTC 2008

Ok, sorry about the top post. 

Compiled and installed 3.2.3, found a few stilled borked configs with my
MPD, and fixed that, and both Icecast (after playing with ownerships that
were deleted when I de-yum'ed the icecast RPM from the Fedora repo's) and
icecast is working. I will clean up the config to remove some of the things
that were mentioned though.

Looking at the interface for the new one, I do like it a bit more but I am
still looking it over it. 

I have a question with icecast, though I think it is more something with MPD
that I have been wondering. Is it just mpd plugged into it that prevents mp3
streaming or would anyone here know?

I use MPD a lot and have had no problems with it at all, I am just looking
at getting WMP working with my icecast. It doesn't really like the OGG that
is streamed, but once again that may be my own fault.

Thanks for the help so far, and I will get this 'complaint' out to the
Fedora community to get that package fixed and updated.


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Seann Clark wrote:
> Karl Heyes wrote:
>> Seann Clark wrote:
>>> The biggest being is that the server binds to whatever port it feels 
>>> like instead of the bind port specified. The rest of the issues I have 
>> a random port bind is a new issue. Can you show us the
>> netstat -tnlp | grep icecast
>> for the xml provided?
> Thu Jul 03-13:54:17-root at haruhi-new:~> netstat -tnlp | grep icecast
> tcp        0      0          
>*                   LISTEN      3336/icecast

ok, that doesn't match the 8000 port and you should raise that with them 
as that doesn't occur here.  Check which package you actually have and 
whether it has been compiled for 32 or 64bit.

>>> with Icecast are minor (stats? What stats?) so here is the startup 
>>> script and config I am using:
>> if you have suggestions for extra stats which are shown on the web 
>> pages like /admin/stats then feel free to mention them.
> What I am after is some log file type of way to store stats so I can run 
> a program like webalizer or something against it
>>> Icecast 2.3.1:
>> ok, so slightly out of date.
> This was a Distro RPM (yum install icecast)

I don't maintain any distributions, so I cannot comment on their rpms or 
any patches they apply to the code.  As indicated, the 2.3.2 release is 
out and had more 64bit work done on it, whether that or something else 
is causing the port issue I don't know until you try with our shipped code.

>>>     <master-server></master-server>
>>>     <master-server-port>8001</master-server-port>
>>>     <master-update-interval>120</master-update-interval>
>>>     <master-password></master-password>
>> so this is a slave icecast? the master is on port 8001
> Didn't know this was the pure slave statement, the instructions on the 
> site are a bit cryptic, so I had a hard time guessing how to put it 
> together.

general rule is, don't specify it unless you know what it is for.

>>> <stats_log>/var/log/icecast/stats.log</stats_log>
>>> <statshtml_log>/var/www/html/icestat.html</statshtml_log>
>>> <stats_time>30</stats_time>
>> not sure where these come from, icecast2 will ignore them
> A read me type of walk through stated this did the stats logging I 
> desired, not sure what version it was for but it got left behind in my 
> configs

whatever it is, it's wasn't for icecast2.

> All the logging I get from the icecast is:
> [2008-07-03  14:00:36] DBUG slave/_slave_thread checking master stream
> [2008-07-03  14:00:36] WARN slave/update_from_master Relay slave failed 
> to contact master server to fetch stream list

All that's there is icecast starting and failing to get a list of 
streams from a master server.


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