[Icecast] ezstream build failure and AC_LIB_PREPARE_PREFIX

Роман Донченко DXDragon at yandex.ru
Sun Aug 31 23:21:29 UTC 2008

Hello there,

First of all, is this the right place to ask about ezstream? I couldn't find 
a better one.

I wanted to tinker a bit with ezstream, so I checked the Subversion head out 
(by the way, the ezstream page on icecast.org does not list the Subversion 
URI, so I figured http://svn.xiph.org/trunk/ezstream/ will do). However, I 
couldn't compile it, because autogen.sh said this:

configure.in:132: warning: AC_LIB_PREPARE_PREFIX is m4_require'd but not 
m4/iconv.m4:9: AM_ICONV_LINKFLAGS_BODY is expanded from...
m4/iconv.m4:20: AM_ICONV_LINK is expanded from...
m4/iconv.m4:75: AM_ICONV is expanded from...
configure.in:132: the top level
configure.in:132: warning: AC_LIB_RPATH is m4_require'd but not m4_defun'd
configure:5921: error: possibly undefined macro: AC_LIB_PREPARE_PREFIX
      If this token and others are legitimate, please use m4_pattern_allow.
      See the Autoconf documentation.
configure:5922: error: possibly undefined macro: AC_LIB_RPATH
configure:5927: error: possibly undefined macro: AC_LIB_LINKFLAGS_BODY
configure:5935: error: possibly undefined macro: AC_LIB_APPENDTOVAR

I snipped some duplicate warnings, you should get the idea. At first I 
thought that I haven't configured the system well enough (this is a 
fresh-installed Cygwin), but now it doesn't appear to me so. My knowledge of 
autoconf is null, but apparently the error is that the AC_LIB_PREPARE_PREFIX 
macro and some others aren't defined anywhere. I grepped, and indeed, there 
was no occurances but in the ezstream/m4/iconv.m4 file. I then checked on a 
real Linux system (Fedora 9), with same results. The macro name is pretty 
generic, so I suppose it was defined in earlier versions of autoconf, but 
was removed.

Due to my aforementioned lack of knowledge, I can't fix it myself. Any help?

Generally yours,

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