[Icecast] 24/7/365 ogg-vorbis client

Jeff Simmons jsimmons at goblin.punk.net
Wed Oct 24 23:06:06 UTC 2007

Don't know if this is the proper place for this question ...

I'm setting up an audio stream from a public radio station's studios to a 
remote transmitter. We're using icecast for the server, and it's performed 
remarkably well (it's been up for over two years now).

I need a client for the remote location. Requirements are it must run on 
linux, come up at boot, operate as a daemon (no shell account required), and 
if the stream goes down it must try to regain it until it does no matter why 
or how long the stream was down.

I've been playing with ogg123, doing things like putting it in the background 
on boot NOHUP, embedding it in an infinite loop script, etc. but it isn't up 
to the job. Normally (AFAICT) ogg123 dies when it loses the stream, but 
several times we've seen it running on the client after a stream loss.

Any advice or recommendations would be highly appreciated.

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