[Icecast] Access.log

Dick Trump dtrump1 at triadav.com
Wed Oct 24 18:16:12 UTC 2007

I'm using Simplecast to feed 8 mount points of a 24/7 live stream to Icecast on a win platform.  When I have the Statistics Relays graphing activated, I get an entry each minute in Access.log for each of the mount points.

That particular entry is pretty much useless but of course, being able to see the IP address of client drops can be useful.  This log grows to mammoth proportions unless I clean it up on a regular basis (which I'm not prone to do.)

Is there anyway other than eliminating the graphing to prevent those log entries.  Otherwise, what would be the preferred method of eliminating the log completely?  Eliminate the <accesslog> tag altogether?


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