[Icecast] Problem for creating continous streaming and viwing in a webpage

Pierpaolo Gullˆa airteknology at gmail.com
Sun Nov 25 19:14:38 UTC 2007

Hi guys

I'm using Icecast , Ezstream for creating my Webtv for creating a 
continuos streaming of some files
In the filename filed of Ezstream xml configuration i put a simple m3u 

My problems begin when ezstream begin to encode and stream the second file:

If a use a system player , like Vlc or totem , the stream it's continous 
, if I use a web player like Cortado or Itheora , they stop to play when 
ezstream change from two file (for exampl from the first to second)

How I can solve my problem?
If you see visonair.tv ( see ), they use icecast 
how streaming server , and cortado . On their site the stream with the 
Cortado it's continous!

They don't put a big pre-encoded theora , but do real time streaming!

How I can do the same?
The "secret" it's to use a relay server?

There is another system for create continous stream of some files 
instead of to use ezstream and a m3u playlist ?

Thansk a lot




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