[Icecast] Conceptual problem?

Tod Thomas tod at creekroadconsulting.com
Sat Jun 16 18:13:55 UTC 2007

Geoff Shang wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd think it'd be easy enough to get Ezstream to do what you want, possibly 
> using sox to do the appropriate decoding.  Then you could encode as ogg or 
> mp3 as required.

I might end up going in that direction.

> Not sure what you mean by "output to the mount defined in icecast.xml". 
> Mounts in Icecast don't refer to a physical file system, they only have any 
> meaning within Icecast and are created when a client connects to a 
> particular mount.

I guess I was looking at the mount point as a shared pipe that I could 
stream to and a client could acquire the stream from with icecast 
managing everything.

So from the Icecast perspective the mount point is a place the listening 
client connects to only?

> Outputting to Icecast is a little tricky, hence libshout.  The stream needs 
> to be sent at the correct data rate for the content you're sending.  You 
> also need to authenticate to Icecast by using some kind of HTTP protocol. 
> I've never written a client so am not up on this.  I have a vague 
> recolection of someone writing a client-type setup using shell scripts and 
> the like and posting info to this list, but I don't currently have access to 
> my stored Email.

So I can redirect to icecast like:

cat ./my.wav|oggenc - |/usr/bin/icecast

but I'm at the mercy of the file system to determine the rate that 
icecast gets the data stream - correct?

One other tool I was looking at was ffmpeg.  Not only can it re-encode 
the stream on the fly, but it can send it at the correct data rate for 
the encoded stream.  Only problem is there isn't much written concerning 
re-encoding .wav files.

Is there any documentation anywhere that I could read to learn how to 
write my own source client?  Something like that might explain a lot.

Thanks for your help.

- Tod

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