[Icecast] configuration problems

Leo Willner l.willner at kabsi.at
Sun Feb 25 23:00:32 UTC 2007

Hi Gysmo,

As far as I can read, you just did ./configure for compiling icecast.
Nothing is installed yet, it's just checking your system. If you got  
an or more errors during ./configure one or more libraries may be  

it would be nice if you could tell, what the console says exactly

best regards Leo

Zitat "GYSMO.Net" <admin at gysmo.net>:

> Hi Am newbe on linux here is what i have in hands
> server is running fedora core 5 with apache server
> also am running a forum site on vBulletin that is registered and   
> running on my server ... why all this   hmmm
> one using shooutcast am not very please of it and knowing with your   
> help i can get my server running out with your help using its   
> database and DJ section for permission on who will be DJing and   
> using the calender for thoses events
> what am first trying is to configure the server to work on icecast   
> and had it running from the passed from an other friend that passed   
> away from this world and was a great help then helping me out then
> where am stuck now is all i can do is getting the commande   
> ./configure and itr did installedor think it did something into my   
> server but is all from root side now i see i must then do make   
> statement  hmmmm ? what is that and is there anything i must   
> configure first .... i dunno  hmmm am not that great yet into unix lol
> can you help me out getting this box working again  please
> admin at gysmo.net

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