[Icecast] configuration problems

GYSMO.Net admin at gysmo.net
Sun Feb 25 18:11:17 UTC 2007

Hi Am newbe on linux here is what i have in hands
server is running fedora core 5 with apache server
also am running a forum site on vBulletin that is registered and running on my server ... why all this   hmmm 
one using shooutcast am not very please of it and knowing with your help i can get my server running out with your help using its database and DJ section for permission on who will be DJing and using the calender for thoses events

what am first trying is to configure the server to work on icecast and had it running from the passed from an other friend that passed away from this world and was a great help then helping me out then

where am stuck now is all i can do is getting the commande ./configure and itr did installedor think it did something into my server but is all from root side now i see i must then do make statement  hmmmm ? what is that and is there anything i must configure first .... i dunno  hmmm am not that great yet into unix lol

can you help me out getting this box working again  please

admin at gysmo.net

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