[Icecast] multiple users - auth'd source?

Charlie Allom charlie at playlouder.com
Thu Apr 26 14:16:32 UTC 2007

On Thu, 26 Apr 2007 14:57:49 +0100, Karl Heyes wrote:
> Charlie Allom wrote:

>> AFAICT - the source password has to be specified under
>> 	<mount>
>> 		<password>


> There is another possibility which might be easier. In the -kh 
> branch, where I have an updated auth engine, you can specify an 
> option "stream_auth" with a uri that works in a similar way to the 
> others. It's triggered when a source client tries to auth or when say 
> metadata is updated on that stream.  I haven't had much feedback on 
> this but it seems to be working well enough.

My goodness! I will check it out right away! This is exactly what I 
wanted (disregarding some ldap auth and config :)


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