[Icecast] Re: Question about HTTP headers and Icecast stream status

Leo Currie leo.currie at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 18:58:57 UTC 2007

On 18/04/07, Chris Nighswonger <cnighswonger at foundations.edu> wrote:
> I understand. We used SAM Broadcaster to source audio streams to
> Icecast, Shoutcast, and Windows Media servers. I have had a situation
> where the SAM process hung in such a way that the encoders were still
> connected to the streaming servers, but no audio was being encoded on
> them. It may be that I need to learn more about how the encoders work
> in order to determine the presence/absence of audio data.

If you encode to Vorbis, the bitrate should drop to some very low
value if the stream goes silent. Perhaps you could check
<incoming_bitrate> in /admin/status.xml for abnormally low values?
(This data might only be available from the kh branch version of


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