[Icecast] Re: Question about HTTP headers and Icecast stream status

Chris Nighswonger cnighswonger at foundations.edu
Tue Apr 17 23:19:53 UTC 2007

Can anyone verify this for me?


On 4/13/07, Chris Nighswonger wrote:
> Hi all,
>  I'm working on a script to check the status of streams from multiple
> streaming sources (ie. icecast, shoutcast, wms, etc.). With Icecast I
> am looking at the HTTP header returned by the server when I do a GET
> on the mountpoint I want the status of. It appears that a HTTP/1.0 200
> indicates that the mountpoint is up while a HTTP/1.0 404 indicates
> that it is down.
>  Two questions:
> 1. Is this correct?
> 2. Does Icecast return a different value when the mountpoint is up,
> but has no audio (data)?
>  If the answer to #2 is 'no' then how hard would it be to hack the
> code to do this?
>  I want to be able to indicate three conditions concerning the stream
> status: up with audio, up w/o audio, and down (no source).
> Thanks,
> Chris

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