[Icecast] Frustrated with Ubuntu XMMS, XMMS-Liveice, and icecast

Frederic `jchome` Jaeckel jaeckelf at refuzed.org
Fri Apr 13 16:49:36 UTC 2007


On Fri, Apr 13, 2007 at 12:41:30PM -0400, Kevin Jackey wrote:
> I have XMMS and XMMS-liveice setup to use ALSA to stream audio to my 
> icecast server using LAME encoding.
> I start the sound file and i can see XMMS playing away happily, icecast 
> detects the connection and shows the source as being connected, but no 
> bandwisth useage. If I connect to the icecast server I get a client 
> connection, but no sound.

maybe you should try to select a channel in the mixer as recording
channel. I prefer aumix to do this. aumix is a comandline utility based
on ncurses where you can navigate with the arrow keys. With space you
can select the necessary record channel. Which you have to choose
depends on your soundcard. With my Intel builtin soundcard I have to
choose PCM or Line1.

> Can anyone help me figure out what my issues might be?

read above.

> If this is a poor way to send output audio from XMMS to my icecast 
> server, can anyone suggest any other methods?

Yes, I use ices2 for streaming audio to servers with various music
players. I don't use xmms. For me its better to use programs like mpd,
mplayer or many other. ;-)

best regards
Frederic 'jchome' Jaeckel
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