[Icecast] Frustrated with Ubuntu XMMS, XMMS-Liveice, and icecast

Kevin Jackey kjackey at insightbb.com
Fri Apr 13 16:41:30 UTC 2007

I have XMMS and XMMS-liveice setup to use ALSA to stream audio to my 
icecast server using LAME encoding.

I start the sound file and i can see XMMS playing away happily, icecast 
detects the connection and shows the source as being connected, but no 
bandwisth useage. If I connect to the icecast server I get a client 
connection, but no sound.

Scanning other forums there appears that there might be an issue with 
XMMS-liveice, icecast, and ALSA. Does anyone know if this is the case?

Can anyone help me figure out what my issues might be?

If this is a poor way to send output audio from XMMS to my icecast 
server, can anyone suggest any other methods?

Thanks in advance!

NOTE: This is under Ubunty Dappy 32-bit.

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