[Icecast] Strange occurrence

Dick Trump dtrump1 at triadav.com
Sat Sep 9 03:24:49 UTC 2006

William wrote:
> You mentioned that your systems are running Fedora Core.
> At 4:00 every morning cron runs the updatedb script to
> update the locate database.

You are correct.  Thank you for your insights.

As a test case, I have moved slocate.cron out of the cron.daily directory on only one machine to see if that removes that one machine from future coincident drops.

However, I have a little new information.  Although I don't check these logs 100% for this type of coincident drop, I really think this is a new phenomenon.  But here's the new part.  I had another incident this morning in the roughly 8 minute span from 06:40 to 06:48.

Once again, all Linux machines including the monitor next to the server became erratic during that period but none of the remote Windows machines experienced a problem.  

I did mis-state something in an earlier post.  My clock updating cron is in the daily, not the hourly directory.  But with the strange 8 minute stretch this morning, the daily routines are looking to be less suspect.

dtrump1 at triadav.com

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