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Ross Levis ross at stationplaylist.com
Tue Oct 3 04:03:04 PDT 2006

I can understand wanting to boost the adoption of Xiph codecs, but I think restricting the directory to vorbis streams only will not help this endeavour.  I can imagine it will just piss a lot of people, including myself, and give Xiph a bad name.

I get very few listeners of my AAC+ stream now since this occured.  The restriction is not an insentive to switch to Ogg Vorbis at all.  The incentive is to switch from Icecast to Shoutcast, which I'm still seriously considering, but I was waiting and hoping for this fix to be done so the restriction could be lifted.

This should be bad news for Xiph but it would appear they do not regard usage of Icecast as an advantage to them.

The only insentive for me and many others is sound quality.  If Xiph wants everyone to use vorbis for streaming then it needs to perform much better at lower bitrates, and some serious work needs to be done on the codec.  The only work we are seeing released is by independent developers.

Where vorbis performs best is for file storage at higher bitrates.  This is what I use and recommend to everyone who will listen.

And even though it's only the YP that has the restriction, I think it will give Icecast a reputation of not supporting popular stream formats.

It seems Xiph do not regard any of this important. and that is up to them, but I hope they will reconsider.

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  it was fixed a long time ago actually.  The current YP is now benefitting from the changes made by me (with help from Karl), and yet despite the requests from both Karl and I recommending that these streams be allowed again, it falls on deaf ears.  Ultimately it's up to Xiph to decide, although I was hoping that when the objection "it performs badly so we turned off all non-vorbis streams" was made, and the "performs badly" part was fixed, that the decision would be made to return non-vorbis streams.  Instead, I've gotten nothing but silence regarding the matter. 

  I guess what it boils down to is a fundamental concept of what Icecast is.  To me, it's a simple, free, and open source alternative to other non-free, free but restrictred, etc streaming media servers.  Others believe, I think, that it is really just a mechanism to boost the adoption of all the xiph codecs.  This was evident from the very beginning when Jack Moffit added support for mp3 back into icecast2 as a "transition path to vorbis" for broadcasters.  I certainly do understand their points on the matter, however, I do not share them. 


  On 10/2/06, Ross Levis <ross at stationplaylist.com> wrote:
    I thought the YP code was going to be fixed to use less resources so it
    could be used with other stream formats.  It seems to be taking a long

    As it is now, Icecast2 is not a good solution for those wanting to be on 
    a popular directory.  I am forced to recommend using Shoutcast to my
    clients so they can get onto a popular directory.  I would prefer to
    recommend Icecast2.

    Ross Levis.

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    The directory at Xiph.org only lists Ogg streams - MP3 streams are
    silently ignored.


    On 02/10/06, Rob Campbell <rob at rob-campbell.com> wrote: 
    > ices.conf:
    >     <Public>1</Public>
    >     <!-- The name of you stream, not the name of the song! -->
    >     <Name>Poohba's Urban Sounds</Name>
    >     <!-- Genre of your stream, be it rock or pop or whatever --> 
    >     <Genre>RnB</Genre>
    > icecast.xml
    >     <directory>
    >         <yp-url-timeout>15</yp-url-timeout>
    >         <yp-url> http://dir.xiph.org/cgi-bin/yp-cgi</yp-url>
    >     </directory>
    >     <directory>
    >         <yp-url-timeout>15</yp-url-timeout>
    >         <yp-url> http://www.oddsock.org/cgi-bin/yp-cgi</yp-url>
    >     </directory>
    > When I look on the YP I don't see it there.  Not really sure what to
    > look for so i looked for 'poohba'.  I also did a search for all RnB 
    > and
    > found nothing of mine.
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