[Icecast] ICES with MP3Pro?

Doc Nasty doc at krushradio.com
Wed May 31 16:21:26 UTC 2006


Yes, I have noticed that new codec.. AACPlus.  Its really impressive in it's abilities, and it's sound quality.
I tried to open it up with Windows Media Player and my Flash Player.. didn't seem to like it very much.  While It's really kewl as a codec, and it has great support with a couple players, and limited support for the rest, I'll stick with the mainstream for now, which is MP3Pro.  Once AACPlus works in a new and stable version of SAM, I might even consider upgrading to it.  But for now, I'd hate to halt progress while I wait for a new technology to happen.

So, back to my original question - 
Has anyone been able to integrate the free mp3Pro encoder from thompson into ICES yet?

> MP3 pro is going away in favor of aacPlus.
> The aacPlus core codec (AAC) is better, and there are no player 
> component conflicts.
> Not to mention there is already lots of momentum with aacPlus in both 
> mobile phones and streaming.
> -greg.
> At 00:27 2006-05-30, Doc Nasty wrote:
> >Does anyone know if this is possible?  Not sure if there is a hack 
> >that would work with this.  I know the free mp3pro encoder works @ 
> >64kbs... I don't know if anything supports this yet or not.
> >
> >Thanks
> >
> >DocNasty
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