[Icecast] Winamp v5.22 / oddcast / aac+

Ross Levis ross at stationplaylist.com
Wed May 31 05:54:22 UTC 2006

Just got a message from Nullsoft and they think it is a side effect of 
this fix in 5.22...

* Fixed: [in_mp3] Winamp crashes when trying to play any wrongly named 
.aac file.


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Subject: Re: [Icecast] Winamp v5.22 / oddcast / aac+

I believe that Oddsock is using a Content Type of aacp.
Using a .aac extension with this Content Type may present a conflict.
This might actually be by design.
I will do some further testing with Winamp and report here tomorrow.
I will also double-check with the developer of Winamp for complete

FYI, Orban Opticodec-PC allows the use of either Content Type of aac
or aacp. aac is technically all that is necessary. The history of the
aacp Content Type was to allow the stream to show in the SHOUTcast
Directory, but since Icecast streams cannot show in the SHOUTcast
Directory anyway, this doesn't matter, and  a content type of aac
should be used. This way there is one Content Type for either AAC or
aacPlus streams, and the decoder takes it from there.


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