[Icecast] No re-encoding?

andrew cooke andrew at acooke.org
Wed May 24 22:30:03 UTC 2006


Just a check for something I can't quite clarify from the docs...

I have a directory of ogg files, quality level 5, that are fed to icecast
by ices (all just installed, so whatever the current versions are).  I
have no quality/encoding specifications in the configs and so expect the
files to pass through in the same format.  But when I look at the status
page, I see "quality 3.0".  Does that mean things are being re-encoded
down to ogg level 3?

If so, presumably I have to specify that I want level 5 quality
explicitly?  Will that re-encode or just leave things as they are?  I'd
prefer to just pass things straight through if at all possible (this is
for a local network, so there's not a lot of pressure to heep data rates

I'm hoping this "3.0" is not the same as ogg's quality levels, but simply
means "no re-encoding", but couldn't find confirmation anywhere. 
Apologies if I've overlooked something obvious.


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