DAAP maybe? (Re: [Icecast] multichannel streaming)

sci-fi at hush.ai sci-fi at hush.ai
Fri May 19 20:22:40 UTC 2006


Would DAAP help somehow?

Digital Audio Access Protocol


I do believe since it's based on iTunes, and one can "scrub" a 
properly networked file with iTunes, that it's DAAP actually 
includes this feature.  But both ends must be using this protocol.

(iTunes by itself can only share playlists with your intra-net 
shared machines.  It is currently designed on purpose this way 
because much earlier versions allowed people to share playlists 
clear across the 'net if you opened up certain ports on your 
firewall.  Apple & RIAA et al. of course did not like this.  I can 
vouch for earlier iTunes did indeed work that way, and did allow 
"scrubbing" across the 'net albeit with a delay as can be expected. 
 There used to be hacks that worked with the newer versions of 
iTunes to open-up its present closed sharing.  Another problem with 
current iTunes is that IIRC only 5 local machines can share your 
playlist at the same time, so your project would still be limited 
too much that way ISTM.  It isn't DAAP doing the limiting btw, so a 
proper implementation of it should allow for any number of 

I'm wondering if there are plans to include DAAP into Icecast or 
any other *cast projects?  It'll only become a standard if we-all 
make it so.  ;) 

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