[Icecast] multichannel streaming

Georg Holzmann georg.holzmann at student.kug.ac.at
Fri May 19 07:30:54 UTC 2006


> You don't have to configure mountpoints to create them. Just set
> the global source client password. If you connect using those credentials
> the mountpoints will be created on the fly. You won't be able to use
> authentication this way though. (You might be able to patch it)
okay, thanks ...

>>Or is there maybe an other (open-source) software, which might be better 
>>for our task?
> I'm not sure.
> My idea would be that users probably will feel the need to pause, resume,
> rewind lectures. This is not at all possible using icecast live streams 
> unless you do some crazy things like source client controll.
yes, that's what I thought anyway ...

> So I'd rather look in direction of some client that is capable of 
> http authentication and can send range requests and a server that understands
> those. You'll have static files anyway so no need to make them into live 
> streams...
hm ... what do you mean exactly ... something like Jinzora (as Mark 
suggested) ?


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