[Icecast] Compression and saturation

Vincent balbinus at bonjourlesmouettes.org
Fri May 12 13:30:43 UTC 2006

Basically, when you go over the saturation level, you can never go back
without losses.

The only thing you can do is to insert a compressor *before* the sound
gets encoded. I know of a few in Winamp (but they're not compatible with
Oddcast, afaik). Under Linux, you can use on some configurations (such
as when you connect to a Jack audio server) a virtual "effects rack"
that can include a compressor and other sound processing devices.

I have chosen another way for my own radio: we use a real
compressor/limiter on the FM feedback before the sound card line input.
We use Ices, that gets a "perfect" sound thanks to the compressor!

Vincent Tabard

Jean-Marc Coursimault a écrit :

> Hello,
> I'm not sure whether this message belongs to the "broadcast" side of 
> Icecast, but..
> I'm broadcasting a few radio stations but I always have level 
> problems. Either the sound is too low, either it saturates.
> There's a very fine line between the two and the broadcasters are not 
> always paying attention to the output level.
> Some radios are on Oddcast / XP, some on DarkIce / Linux.
> Is there some way I can process the sound (compress it ?) before I 
> send it to Icecast ?
> Or, if the pb is between Icecast and the listener, compress it before 
> sending the stream out ?
> Thanks
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