[Icecast] static file streaming

Ivan Zahoranszky ivan.zahoranszky at gmail.com
Thu Mar 23 07:32:28 UTC 2006


I have installed the Icecast2 on my Ubuntu Linux and I was not able to
figure out how I could stream static mp3 files.
Can anybody help me? What should I do to do this?

I put the mp3 file in the webroot and I tried to retrieve it with the "
http://host:port/try.mp3" URL but I could only download it (as a whole)
but not as a streamed media.

Do I have to convert the mp3 to another streaming format? Or is my
iceceast.xml wrong? Or do I need ices as well?
Can anybody send me an example icecast.xml file that enables static file

Thank you very much,
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