[Icecast] Authentication problem

- mail at romano2k.biz
Fri Mar 17 13:35:12 UTC 2006

First time subscribing to such a mailing list, I'm impressed.

Hi everyone!

I have a box at home, running Debian, which I use to share connection, 
host a small website, mails... And I'm having fun trying some stuff. 
Icecast is the stuff I began to try yesterday. I used to use SHOUTcast, 
I can't bear it anymore, as Icecast rocks.

Everything works fine, except one thing : I'm now trying the 
Authentication thing.

I read the documentation page related to this function 
and added some lines to my icecast.xml :

         <authentication type="htpasswd">
             <option name="filename" value="myauth"/>
             <option name="allow_duplicate_users" value="0"/>

I then connect my source client and the mount point is created as it 
should be. I log in to the administration interface, and I click on the 
"Manage Authentication" link.

I try to create a user, and I get this message :

	"User add failed - check the icecast error log".

The error log is empty (loglevel 2).

It may a permission problem, I don't know.

Anyone could help ? :) Thanks for your help in advance!


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