[Icecast] problem with config file for jack with ices2-kh-2.0.0-kh60a

Frédéric Brière fbriere at fbriere.net
Thu Jun 29 18:19:32 UTC 2006

On Thu, Jun 29, 2006 at 03:19:42PM +0200, tobias wrote:
> when i try to run an edited version of either the example file provided with 
> the source package or the deb at /usr/share/doc/ices2-kh/ i get:
> Failed to read config file "ices-jack.xml"

My bad.  I forgot to compile ices against the JACK library, thus
disabling support for it.  This will be fixed shortly.

Incidentally, Karl, _known_module() and _parse_input_param() could use a
little more verboseness, as they currently give no indication of what
caused their failure.

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