[Icecast] problem with config file for jack with ices2-kh-2.0.0-kh60a

tobias akraix at arcor.de
Thu Jun 29 14:08:06 UTC 2006

hi karl, 

thanks for your answer. in fact i have already tried your sample xml, as i 
said, which comes with the source package. this too fails with the same 

:~/ices2-kh-2.0.0-kh60a/conf$ ices2 ices-jack.xml
Failed to read config file "ices-jack.xml"


> The samples in conf/ should provide the easiest to see differences, I
> don't know where the debian package places them but they are in the
> source tarball.
> As to why your xml is failing, I'd have to see it but I suspect you are
> missing the runner tags.
> karl.

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