[Icecast] ices2 realplayer

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Wed Jun 21 16:22:44 UTC 2006

Kai Hendry wrote:
> On 2006-06-22T01:07+0900 Kai Hendry wrote:
>> On 2006-06-21T15:21+0100 Karl Heyes wrote:
>>> You capture at 48000 but resample from 44100, that will cause problems.
>>> You resample to 22050 so that will affect quality, you haven't said what 
>>> bitrate you want to target for, so resampling/downmixing may be required 
>>> anyway.
>> I am unsure about these settings. Any particular suggestions? I don't
>> quality with voice, just clarity.
> [2006-06-22  01:17:05] WARN input-alsa/alsa_open_module samplerate 44100 Hz not supported by your hardware try using 48000 instead
> I guess I just got to fiddle around with this. :(

try either

read at 48000 and resample (<in>) at 48000  or
read at 22050/mono from plughw:0,0 (or similar) and don't resample or 

low bitrate streams can have huge latencies if your buffers are not 
small enough, eg a 16kbps stream is 30+ seconds in a 64k buffer.


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