[Icecast] dir.xiph.org only listing Ogg streams

Ross Levis ross at stationplaylist.com
Sun Jun 18 23:17:22 UTC 2006

I decided recently to change my stream from Ogg to AAC+ because I have a 
limited upload bandwidth and I wish to provide the best sound quality at 
low bitrates.  If Ogg was as good ias AAC+ then I would definately use 

I'm apposed to this decision and I think it is a very bad idea.  It is 
only the xiph directory where my potential listeners come from.  I will 
have to switch to using the Shoutcast server if this is a permanent 
decision, so the station can be visible on a popular directory.


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Subject: [Icecast] dir.xiph.org only listing Ogg streams


I have modified the yp cgi script on dir.xiph.org to reject non-ogg
streams. As the site has grown in popularity, it hasn't scaled well,
and maintaining the database was eating most of the resources on the
server. We did some minor tuning a few months ago which helped, but
the load has continuted to grow and was affecting other more essential

Given Xiph.org's mission to promote free multimedia, I don't think it's
appropriate for us to devote resources to the advertisement of
patent-encumbered streams to the detriment of our other services. Thus
the listing policy change.

If you'd like to see it put back, we'll consider if the yp mechanism is
rewritten to reduce the load it incurs. Another idea is to sell ads as a
fundraiser, but I'm skeptical whether the current level of traffic would
pay for a separate server.

Let me know if there are any problems,

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