[Icecast] Web Based scheduler like LiveSupport for icecast

John Buttery john at io.com
Wed Jul 5 02:29:14 PDT 2006

* On Wed 2006-Jul-05 05:09:02 -0400, Chris MacDonald <chris at thoughtsoft.net> wrote:
> I've thought about it briefly (I'm in the same boat as you, but I've
> been tinkering with making my own interface) and I more or less came
> to the conclusion that it was more complicated than it was worth, for
> me at least. For my purposes having spoken content recorded
> beforehand, uploaded, added to the playlist and played back a couple
> hours later was good enough.

  Historically, that kind of approach has worked for us as well;
recently, we've been considering upping our sauciness level and going
for a call-in show, so being actually live would be necessary.

> What you might be able to do is set up two streams, one live and one
> off your playlist, each being a fallback for the other. Kill the live
> stream and dump listeners over to the live feed and when you're done
> broadcasting live you can turn the playlist back on, kill your live
> feed and dump everyone back. I'm not sure if this is feasible or not,
> I just remember thinking about it. I might have read about this
> approach around here, who knows.

  You know, that could totally work.  I'd still rather have some kind of
explicit "switch" mechanism, but in the absence of that, I bet that
would do the trick.  Thanks for the idea.  How fast is the switch in
that failover situation?

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