[Icecast] Web Based scheduler like LiveSupport for icecast

John Buttery john at io.com
Tue Jul 4 22:02:53 PDT 2006

* On Wed 2006-Jul-05 00:29:45 -0400, Aaron Wolfe <aawolfe at gmail.com> wrote:
> You might like my project called tunequeue, though it might be overkill or
> too much effort to install.  It does provide a web interface to ices and
> allows fairly complex scheduling.  It is perl with a mysql backend.
> http://tunequeue.sf.net

  Thanks for the tip!  I don't know about the other guy, but I
definitely think this is something _I_ want to use.  :)
  One question, though...have you experimented with live-feed break-ins?
In other words, set the station to do whatever it does 24/7, but then
you want to be able to suspend the "static content" at any time and
connect with a live stream, then kill the live stream and the static
content picks right back up.  I've been looking for something that would
make this easy; I'd pretty much resigned myself to having to create one
myself from scratch (thus re-inventing the wheel for the 50th time...).

  John  ! Since this email isn't signed, you can't really tell it's from
 Buttery! me; I'll hopefully have my computer working normally again
www.io.c! soon, but until then...gotta love catastrophic drive failure.
om/~john! Mmm, rdiff-backup to the rescue!

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