[Icecast] ICECAST Version 2.3.1

Todd Rittel kc0ccb at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 23 08:43:44 UTC 2006

hey everybody,   

    just wanted to know if there's anything i need to do different to install and confiqure version 2.3.1 as oposed to version 2.2 or not ??   

    and what exactly is there in 2.3.1 anyways ?? is it any better then version 2.2 ??   

    and is there any way i can edit the server to make my scanner go live (like right the the second) 

PS:   in the mean time i will download it and install it on my main computer..   

73's and 88's DE TODD KCØCCB DN84FK 

"Been There Done That Got The Damn T-Shirt" 

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