[Icecast] I want help.

Geoff Shang geoff at hitsandpieces.net
Sun Jan 22 01:46:18 UTC 2006

Sriharsha wrote:

> I have downloaded Icecast server Exe and installed. I want to stream music
> on my site,
> I want to set it up on windows 2003 server machine,
> I want to know what r all the steps that I need to follow. What Player I can
> use to host the music.(Like Winamp...)

Before we give you any specific help, can you be a bit more specific about 
what you want to do?  Do you want a stream of music playing all the time? 
Do you want to simply have songs available for streaming on demand from 
your website?  Or something else?

It's hard for us to provide any further advice until you tell us exactly 
what it is you want to do.


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