[Icecast] Request: Time Stamped Dump-Files

lars.kindermann at freenet.de lars.kindermann at freenet.de
Fri Feb 24 14:55:48 UTC 2006


I urgently need a feature to save the dump-files in splitted timestamped 
chunks or - much better - named accordingly to the stream metadata.

I don´t want to use utilities like streamripper to make dumps because 
they act as a client and thus the "relay on-demand" feature of icecast 
isn't usable anymore. I only want to have a copy of the stream when 
somebody is actually listening, because the source and the master server 
are located in Antarctica on the other side of a rather expensive satellite 

I assume this is the icyest icecast in the world. We transmit hydrophone
recordings from below the shelf ice, featuring a lot of whales, seals and 
iceberg breakdowns. We record and store 4 channels @ 192kHz, 24Bit locally 
at the Neumayer base and a 24 Kbps mp3 stream is sent home to Germany. 
We can analyze this low quality stream online here and retrieve high quality 
FLAC encoded snippets via ftp for interesting events only. 

We will go online for the public internet in a few weeks when the system 
is running stable. Watch out for this at our webpage. You can also find
10 minute interval webcam pictures from the recording site here: 

I found that previously somebody provided a patch for this, see:
Could somebody include something like this in the current version? 
I am not a programmer myself so I rely on help with this.

Alternatively: Is the metadata included in the dump-file? The oddcast out 
there on the ice includes the recording time as metadata into the stream 
exactly every minute. Is there an utility to parse the dump-file and split 
it into chunks at every metadata change?

I´d appreciate any ideas and help on this topic very much,
Lars Kindermann

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