[Icecast] Re: Change Station Name

Geoff Shang geoff at hitsandpieces.net
Sun Feb 12 18:08:00 UTC 2006

augman000 wrote:

> I am new to this forum and relatively new to Icecast. I have set up and
> Icecast broadcast from my computer using Winamp as the playlist and the SAM
> Encoders to encode to WMA.

uh.  No you're not.  Icecast2 doesn't handle WMA, or at least not WMA over 
MMS.  Whether or not there's a spec for WMA over HTTP I don't know, but I 
doubt it.  Of course, the SAM people might be mangling it and allowing you 
to do this or at least try, but my guess is that you're probably streaming 

> The broadcast is running perfectly. The only
> issue is when I create an ASX file that links to my broadcast, it shows my
> IP address as the title of the broadcast. What do I need to do to change
> this to a name of my choice?

Can't answer this.  If it *is* MP3 you're sending, my recollection is that 
Windows Media player only has partial support for titles, etc.

I assume you've set a stream title in your streaming plugin?


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