[Icecast] Re: ices0.4: icecast mp3 stream for source ?

Geoff Shang geoff at hitsandpieces.net
Tue Feb 7 13:51:18 UTC 2006

Carsten Henkel wrote:

> we would like to use IceCast 2.3.1 as a mp3 streamer source for
> reencoding several sources of ices 0.4.
> It is working perfectly already by using an mp3 playlist with local
> stored mp3s. But our plan is to upload an 160 kbps stream and want ices
> 0.4 to reencode to 96, 56 and 32 kbps. Uploading 1 getting 4 streams.

I assume you want to do this in real time (i.e. you want 4 streams at the 
same time as your SAM broadcast is done).

You might be able to get Ices to do this, but it'd probably be a lot easier 
to use Oddsock's stream transcoder 
(http://www.oddsock.org/tools/streamTranscoderV3) which is designed for 
this sort of thing.

Stream transcoder V3 seems to have no documentation.  If you missed my 
quick guide on how to get started with it that I posted yesterday, 
basically you do the following after installing it.

1. Run streamtranscoderv3

2.  Edit the generated config file so that the number of encoders is set 
correctly (3 in your case).

3.  Run it again.

4.  Edit all config files as required.

5.  Run it again and it should work.


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