[Icecast] ices0.4: icecast mp3 stream for source ?

Carsten Henkel carsten at chatlabel.de
Tue Feb 7 13:43:17 UTC 2006

Hello together,

we would like to use IceCast 2.3.1 as a mp3 streamer source for
reencoding several sources of ices 0.4.

It is working perfectly already by using an mp3 playlist with local
stored mp3s. But our plan is to upload an 160 kbps stream and want ices
0.4 to reencode to 96, 56 and 32 kbps. Uploading 1 getting 4 streams.

We are streaming with SAM Broadcaster 2.
Icecast runs on SuSE 9.3 64 bits version.

Thank you in advance!


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