[Icecast] guideline for plug-in to icecast2 server

Neo Jiun Siang - R&D Neo.Jiun.Siang at aztech.com
Tue Feb 7 00:37:46 UTC 2006

	actually im trying to add feature to ices2 to able to stream mix file format such as 
	ogg and mp3 in the same playlist.m3u without extra decoding and encoding that function 	like ezstream. the reason i dont want to use ezstream as source client becoz after 	going thru decoding and encoding, the audio quality drops. Therefore im trying to find  	out is there any easy way out to add plug-in to ices2 such as it has the feature of  	ices0 too please adivse thank you  

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Neo Jiun Siang - R&D wrote:

>      i would like to find out is that any ways to add plugin to icecast2 
> and ice2 to stream mp3 .Is there a list of gulidline for adding feature 
> to present icecast2 and ices2. i will a appretiated for the help from 
> icecast memeber and developer thank you

I'm not sure exactly what you're asking.  Ices2 only streams in Ogg Vorbis, 
and won't ever stream in MP3.  There are other programs which can do this, 
depending on whether you want to stream live content or MP3 files.

Perhaps we could help you further if you tell us *exactly* what you want to 
do, including which operating systems are involved.  Chances are that 
something has already been written that will do what you want, or at least 
something that will make your job easier.



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