[Icecast] Targeted Ads

Ross Levis ross at stationplaylist.com
Sat Dec 23 04:09:36 UTC 2006

Seasons greetings!

I was wondering if anyone had investigated or started any development 
using Icecast2 for targeting advertisements to individual listeners. 
This will be the next revolution in online radio and it has already 
started.  There are several solutions at the moment, but they all seem 
too difficult and expensive and most of them seem to require custom 
software at the listeners end.

If this has not come up before, our company StationPlaylist.com would be 
interested in partnering with someone to develop a solution using 
Icecast as the base code.  We provide music scheduling and broadcast 
automation software, and internet streaming via Oddcast.

As I see it, a few simple questions will be asked of each listener as 
they connect for the first time, such their age, gender, income, zip 
code, and perhaps interests.  This will be stored permanently with a 
user name.

Different ads will be stored on the hard drive in the stream format and 
bitrate.  The automation software would need to signal to the server 
software when an ad break is starting, and it would switch to serving 
different ads to each listener based on their demographic, before 
switching back to the encoded stream.

This has a great potential for internet stations to earn revenue by 
selling advertisements to targeted listeners.

I'm sorry if this email is out of scope for this mailing list.

Ross Levis.


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