[Icecast] Server Requirements

davidhooper at tiscali.co.uk davidhooper at tiscali.co.uk
Wed Dec 13 17:49:22 UTC 2006

Hi Chip,

>hi david

>> Hi,
>> I'm looking to stream a large amount of conncurrent connects and want
>> use icecast probably on a CentOS base. The bandwidth requirements are
>> 60 Mbps before any overheads, I'm looking at using some Dell SC1425 machines
>> but am not sure how many I'd need, I'd appreciated hearing your experiences
>> and suggestions.
>this is probably of some tangential relevance:

Thanks for the link I will have a good look through. At first glance it's
looking impressive.

>Oddsock tested up to 14,000 concurrent users - but it was only
>listeners that were tested for. it would be great to see another test
>to simulate concurrent encoders and listeners.

Am I right in thinking when using the likes of SAM, Oddcast, Simplecast the
encoding is done clientside? Under what circumstance would the encoding load
be server-side? On-demand delivery?

>anyway, Icecast appears to scale very nicely.

It looks that way.




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