[Icecast] using mulitple sound card inputs

telmnstr at 757.org telmnstr at 757.org
Thu Aug 31 14:33:29 UTC 2006

> I got 2 cards working, and will need to add another 2 cards shortly.  I
> hadn't thought about the matter-it's something I can try to play with
> later.  What you've done here is awesome, where did you come across a
> system that could house 11 pci cards?

Sure! I got them from eBay for around $120 each. They are 4u rackmount 
industrial systems that use a backplane. The actual motherboard conforms 
to a specification called PICMG. If you search eBay for it, you will find 
CPU cards that contain various processors, and backplanes. The actual 
backplane contains PCI controllers, because PCI can only have 5 slots per 

Man are used in telcom setups, industrial automation, and what not. The 
ones I found had 19 PCI slots, and perhaps 2 ISA.

 				- Ethan

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