[Icecast] Windows Xp / Icecast 2.3.1 / Oddcast 3 / Crap Router?

Maarten Bezemer mcbicecast at robuust.nl
Wed Apr 19 06:21:36 UTC 2006


On Tue, 18 Apr 2006, Autoegocrat wrote:

> Ok here's the deal. I set up Icecast and Oddcast, got them to communicate
> properly, but cannot access the live audio remotely. On other computers in
> the LAN it works perfetly.

So, I guess there's nothing wrong with your icecast or firewall config.

> Currently I operate wirelessly behind a D-Link
> 514 router (a mite outdated by now, yes?) and have opened all necessary
> ports, turned my firewalls off, set this computer as a DMZ, pretty much
> everything I can think of - but when I try to connect from outside the LAN,
> I still get a timeout message.

Not knowing this specific router, just my 2 cents. I never use the DMZ in
a router (which typically forwards all connection requests to the given
private IP -- not my personal favorite for Windows machines), but only use
a simple port forward from external port e.g. 8000 to internal IP, port 8000. This is usually called "virtual server" or "NAPT
config" or something like that.
If you're using the DMZ setup, maybe the router is also applying some sort
of firewall.

So, first thing to hack around with is your router. Or spend some $20 for
a brand new one with all kinds of useless new features :-)



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