[Icecast] fallback in Icecast 2.3 RC3

Milos Wimmer wimmer at zcu.cz
Mon Sep 19 19:58:48 UTC 2005


I found curious thing in fallback function.

I send 2 streams from machine "A" to icecast server:
   "cro-region-256.ogg"   (224 kb/s stream)
   "cro-region.ogg"       (128 kb/s stream)

and 1 backup stream from machine "B" to same icecast server:
   "z-cro-region.ogg"       (128 kb/s stream)

I'm using following definition in my icecast.xml file:

When I'm listening stream "/cro-region.ogg" and I stop both streams 
"cro-region-256.ogg" and "cro-region.ogg", my client (xmms) is moved to 
"/z-cro-region.ogg" stream greatly.
But when I start both streams "cro-region-256.ogg" and "cro-region.ogg" 
again, my client is moved to "/cro-region-256.ogg" instead of 

Is it ok?

                Milos Wimmer

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