[Icecast] WMP blues :^(

Michael Hale giftculture at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 19:28:17 UTC 2005

Hello Everybody,

I'm having the strangest problem getting WMP 10 to stream from my  
icecast server.

I'm currently serving two streams - one is a 128kbit/s mp3 stream,  
the other is a 32kbit/s mp3 stream

Even when explicitly declaring the stream type to be http in  
icecast.xml , the 32kbit/s stream buffers *VERY* slowly (it takes  
about 3-5 min) in WMP before finally playing.  *However* (and this is  
the weird part), the 128kbit/s stream plays immediately, with no long  
buffering whatsoever.

WMP is the only player that has this problem, everything else I've  
tried (mac and pc iTunes, winamp, etc) works perfectly.

I realize this isn't the Microsoft mailing list, just wondering if  
anybody has come across this problem and what they did to work around  
it - I'd really like to avoid having to run Microsoft stream  
authoring products if I could help it.  I wonder if this is a ploy to  
cripple their player in order to convince people to move to wma :^(

Michael Hale                <smiley at gift-culture.org>
gift culture:                http://www.gift-culture.org
initstring:                    http://www.initstring.org
artificial music machine:        http://www.artificialmusicmachine.com

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