[Icecast] Relaying between icecast 2.3 servers

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Mon Oct 24 18:11:37 UTC 2005

Lars Kneschke wrote:
> Hello!
> I just searched the list, but i can't find a solution.
> I have 2 icecast 2.3 server. One should be the master, the other one
> should become a slave, to be able to distribute the load.
> But the slave server does not learn any mountpoints.
> The main problem seem to be, that the the URL
> http://streamingserver:8000/admin/streamlist.txt
> just returns a empty HTML(<html><body></body></html>) document.
> I have read in another document that i need to define the mountpoints. I
> tried it, but nothing changed.

Check the master xml, you may of missed the <mount> tags or maybe you 
have them but have enabled the hidden flag.


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