[Icecast] Legal issues for non-profit radio stations.

ml ml at imux.net
Tue Oct 18 21:22:37 UTC 2005

chip wrote:
> hi
> we were are talking about the situation in the UK.
> more info about all this here for UK folks:
> http://www.mcps-prs-alliance.co.uk/
> http://www.ppluk.com/
> the Community Media Association is currently lobbying for a blanket
> license agreement for UK webcasters:
> http://www.commedia.org.uk/
> cheers
> chip

Yeah, I e-mailed them, as I'd like to setup a stream for a charity choir 
I work with.

As far as I can tell normally you need licences for three areas:

1. Owner of the recording (Usually the record label)
2. Performer(s) (whoever sung/played etc)
3. Song writer (whoever wrote the song in the first place)

Well in our situation I made the recordings, the choir sang them, so the 
only bit we need to cover is the song writers, which in some cases 
belongs to the choir too.

I e-mailed (what I think are) the relevant authorities in the UK, and 
the only one that bothered to reply was with a standard boilerplate 
e-mail with the combinded online PRS-MPRC licence application forms on, 
the two we don't flaming need.

So I say sod'em.  If they can't be bothered to respond we're going to do 
it anyway.  We're standing here trying to give them cash and they ignore 
us, what a way to run a business!  I'll have to remember this the next 
time someone from the BPI moans about the "poor artists" that are the 
victims.  They're victims alright... of the lazy useless BPI!


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