[Icecast] web page icecast client signal detection

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Thu Oct 6 09:02:49 UTC 2005

On 10/6/05, Daniel Borders <eliteinfantry at msn.com> wrote:
> The subject is a little convoluted, so I'll explain. I'm nearly finished
> with an icecast web page and we need to go live soon, but part of the page
> design involves displaying different graphics when there is an .ogg signal
> detected and when there isn't. I.e. when there is a signal, an "on air"
> image appears and when there isn't a signal an "off air" image appears. I've
> looked everywhere I could think to but have been unable to find the
> signal-detection code that could be used to make this happen. Does anyone
> have an idea of what I could do?

To do this, you should pull the stats.xml file from the icecast
server, and parse it. It's easy to parse.


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