[Icecast] web page icecast client signal detection

Luigi Palmiero adnusielog4 at rmsud.esercito.difesa.it
Thu Oct 6 07:03:48 UTC 2005

I use this method, using a PHP page:


$source = `netstat -na | grep -E "8000.*EST" | grep | wc -l | tr -d [:blank:]`;

# WITH PORT = 8000 AND IP =

if ($source == 0) {

echo "<img src='img/offair.gif' alt='Off Air'>";

} else {

echo "<img src='img/onair.gif' alt='On Air'>";





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  The subject is a little convoluted, so I'll explain. I'm nearly finished with an icecast web page and we need to go live soon, but part of the page design involves displaying different graphics when there is an .ogg signal detected and when there isn't. I.e. when there is a signal, an "on air" image appears and when there isn't a signal an "off air" image appears. I've looked everywhere I could think to but have been unable to find the signal-detection code that could be used to make this happen. Does anyone have an idea of what I could do?

  -Daniel "TheBuilder" Borders 


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