[Icecast] building icecast under Windows

Brian Hartvigsen tresni at crackmonkey.us
Fri Nov 11 06:40:33 UTC 2005

I've gotten libshout to compile, haven't tried icecast yet.

implement.h is include with pthreads-win32.  It's in the pthreads.# 
(I've been using pthreads.1)  Don't use the Pre-build.# directory, 
except to link the libraries.  Use the pthreads.# as the include directory.

Change inline to __inline

move the following from sock.c to os.h
#define vsnprintf _vsnprintf
#ifndef __MINGW32__
#define va_copy(ap1, ap2) memcpy(&ap1, &ap2, sizeof(va_list))

Should solve the problem with ezstream too ;)

Also, I had to add this to os.h too:
typedef unsigned int size_t;

Hope that helps...

-- Brian

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