[Icecast] Speex (source) client?

William K. Volkman wkvsf at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Nov 17 00:12:49 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-11-16 at 15:36, oddsock wrote:
> so keep in mind that when you say "speex" you need to know if you are 
> talking about "ogg speex" (.ogg) or "speex" (.spx) and playing and 
> streaming each is different.  Same thing goes for "ogg flac" (.ogg) and 
> "flac" (.flac).  And unfortunately with most of these client support (for 
> streaming) is very light if non-existant.

Whereas the flac documentation mentions that there is a difference
between ogg flac and flac.  There doesn't seem to be such a distinction
for speex, the .spx file produced is in Ogg container format.

> and to answer the question about libshout, libshout does not currently 
> support ogg-speex (or ogg flac) and this is due to the lack of the timing 
> code.  When streaming from files (which is what libshout is quite often 
> used for), then you need to make sure libshout knows about the underlying 
> format so it can throttle it at the appropriate bitrate, not doing so will 
> call all sorts of turmoil on the icecast server side.

This would be why I saw the 100% utilization on both the icecast server
and the source client (I had concluded this in my testing last weekend,
I just hadn't had time to dig into what needed to be added to libshout).
The thing that bothered me is I didn't spot anything that stood out
as doing timing for theora/vorbis streams.  If you can point me in the
direction to look I'll see about producing a patch.

BTW.  Sourcing the mount point as /mystream.spx on icecast, VLC was
able to play it.  Gstreamer based clients were able to also (totem
and rhythmbox) although they were unhappy when the stream ended and


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