[Icecast] load constraints

ml ml at imux.net
Fri May 20 12:46:44 PDT 2005

Iain Mott wrote:
> hello
> Another beginners question..... I've been googling through the icecast
> archives looking for information on how icecast handles multiple
> clients. Haven't been able to find what I'm looking for.
> Could someone please explain (or direct me to links) what happens to the
> upload bandwidth of a box running icecast, when more than one client
> connects? For example, if a box on a 128kbps upload connection is
> serving a 64Kbps stream (and not audio-on-demand) - is it limited to two
> connections or is icecast somehow more efficient?
> cheers, 
> Iain

It is limited to two connections, there is no magic way around that, 
it's not a p2p system

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